Retail: side by side with shopkeepers and large retail groups

Retail shops, large retail chains and department stores: Fly shoes are distributed to different sales channels, according to style and consumer preference.

Retail shops

Retail shops are the small and large city boutiques, historic shops that have been a point of reference for generations of consumers. Here, because usually the person who selects the products is actively involved in selling, customer satisfaction is on their shoulders. Fly proposes medium-high brands to retail shops and offers support in displaying products in the shop and targeted marketing.

Large Retail Groups

Shoes for all the family and every occasion. Large retail groups are like footwear cities that cater to everyone’s taste with an eye on the latest trends. Fly proposes mid-range products to large retail groups and offers support in displaying products in the store and targeted marketing.

Department Stores

Department stores are distinguished by their wide range of goods; stores that stock products of all kinds, from clothing to electronics, from food to cosmetics. Fly proposes mid-range and medium-low end products and ensures impeccable logistics..

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